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Pre-Order spinning icon on return from PayPal

posted by ferdbiffle on - Viewed by 119 users

I purchased the Walking Dead Pre-Order along with the Almost Everthing Pack using my PayPal account. Upon returning to Telltale's site, I was presented with a spinning icon and the promise that I would be released from it's hypnotic spell within a minute.

When I snapped out of my trance a half hour later, it was still spinning. I visited my email and saw a confirmation of funds seized from my account, but I have yet to see an acknowledgement from you fine folks at TG.

I'd like to play a few of the games from the pack while I await the impending Zombie attack - when do you think I will gain access to Almost Everything?

Oh yeah - my PayPal Order is #600149443801744...

Thanks in advance for your prompt assistance!


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