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The Devil's Playhouse Unused Dialogues

posted by Tora Newton Y. on - last edited - Viewed by 807 users

So I don't know if anyone's done this before (I don't think anyone has), but recently, I got linked to a program that explores and extracts the speech files from Telltale games.
As I was looking through the dialogues of my favorite characters in Season 3, I noticed many that aren't actually accessible in-game. I decided to make videos out of them, so everyone could hear the lines that were left on the cutting room floor!
So far I've done...

Doctor Norrington (later I realized some of these lines you can actually hear in the game still, whoops! but there's still a lot of great unused stuff here)

and The Narrator (oh man, now this was interesting. 305 must have went through some pretty major changes before the final version, and 303 might have originally been different too)

Lots of spoilers in these, so don't watch if you haven't finished The Devil's Playhouse yet!
Next I'll do one for Papierwaite, and I may do other characters too.
Thoughts? :0

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