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ToMI iPad soound only in headphones

posted by Armand1880 on - last edited - Viewed by 118 users

So I downloaded Tales of Monkey Island Epdose 1 for the iPad (16GB wifi iPad 2) and the sound doesn't work through the speaker. It only comes through when I plug in the headphones. I have turned up the speakers, and the sound in the menu is adjusted, so thats not it. Any ideas? I kind of feel like I am missing something obvious.
Thanks for the help!

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  • That typically indicates that your audio might be muted. Please make sure you don't have the mute switch in the down position. If you don't, try changing the functionality of the switch in the General settings on your device to Mute, sliding the switch down and up, and then changing the functionality of the switch back to Lock Rotation.

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