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German localization available?

posted by SaschaW on - last edited - Viewed by 190 users

Hi Guys,
is there a german translation available for episode 1 (f.e on the Telltale Store or Steam)? I played the US PS3-Demo but there were no german subtitles. I'am suprised because Telltales recent games featured german subtitles.

If those subtitles are part of the TT-Store, Steam-Store or european PSN/XBL-Release, i will wait until tomorrow and buy the game in the regional store. But if there are no german subtitles, there is no reason to wait and i could buy the us release.

Thanks ins advance.

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    Macfly77 Moderator

    Spanish is the only language that's been announced at this time (besides English, of course).
    @Mike said: The PC/Mac version won't be launching with Spanish subtitles, but I've been told we'll likely be patching them in very shortly after launch. I haven't been given any information about that possibility for the console versions, however, sorry.

    @Mike said: Spanish is the only thing being worked on at the moment, as far as I'm aware.

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