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Just bought Sam&Max Episode I but all I get is a big CRASH !!!

posted by tapalai on - last edited - Viewed by 205 users

sorry, but i've already asked this in another thread, i didn't know how to move the thread, so i copied it.
when trying to start the game after a logo-splash screen appears, the game just crashes the computer very badly.
I get a blue screen with some errors that lasts for half a second and then the computer reboots. i am really dissatisfied with this because i just spend some money on the game!
i've read carefully through the requirements, and the computer should be able to run the game, it's a p4 2000mhz, 1024mb ram, nvidia geforce 440 go 64m chip and enough disk-space. damn, i should have tried the demo.
is there anything i can do to get the game running?
and if not, how can i get my money back?
thanks for help or ideas!!! we wanted to play this game this evening and are really unhappy now!!

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