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Stuttering during the beginning of the game [Spoilers]

posted by KDStudios on - last edited - Viewed by 333 users

Hey there,
Might be a few spoilers in here so... Sorry in advance, I did put it in the title after all...

But yeah.
I run a pretty good gaming computer. I play Skyrim on Ultra and mod Minecraft with every shader mod available (Some are rather intensive).

I've tested this on both high and low settings.
Both have the same result.

After the cop car crashes and you dispatch the poor cop who got nommed to death and subsequently attacked you, you get attacked by a bunch of walkers and you try to make your escape.
It is about then that my framerate seems to drop and the game seems to skip. All while the audio is completely unaffected.
It happens a couple of other times throughout the episode. Usually during "cutscenes" with a bunch of walkers.

Am I the only turtle in the pack that's experiencing this?
If not, any hints on how to fix it or why it is happening?
Fairly certain it's not because of my hardware because like I said, I play far more intensive games than this.

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