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I am deeply dissapointed in Telltale Games. They have refused to try and get The Walking dead: The game classified in Australia, assuming that it will be refused classification. I understand that there is probably worry about the fan-base in Australia, and obviously it's all about revenue for Telltale - not what's best for their fanbase. I dont understand; You get Jurassic Park released in Australia, which was one of the worst PSN games to date because you thought it'd be popular, yet you wont even contemplate the release of The Walking Dead. Not only is it on television in Australia, it has a large supporter base. Alright, so obviously you wont make as much money off it in Australia than in places like America and the UK but thats an obvious conclusion isn't it? Both of those countries are twice the size of Australia - yet Australian's are twice as supportive when it comes to something they enjoy. For you to not even try and get a classification in Australia and then to completely discredit New Zealand (Who have an R rating classification) is outrageous. You've ruined this fans belief in Telltale and perhaps even the Walking dead. Shame on you all.

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