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How long does it take to make an episode ?

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Hello there!
This question is directed at the Telltale crew ! I know you guys managed to deliver an episode per month for 6 months, but i'm guessing it took more time than that to actually make them. I remember reading that it took like 13 weeks to draw an entire episode of any given cartoon show that comes out every week (hence, why they usually make 13-20 episodes per year instead of 52).

So out of curiosity, approximately how long DOES it take to make a new Sam and Max episode ?

Thanks !

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  • I think I read that somewhere not very long ago...

    Yay, here we go :D

    Yahoo! Video Games: How long does a Sam & Max episode take to make? Did you work on one at a time, or did you have multiple episodes in various states of development simultaneously?

    Brendan Ferguson: It took a little over a year to make all six episodes of Season 1, or about two months per episode, but we don't work on them one at a time. We have a production pipeline that's divided into three main stages. First the designers come up with the story and gameplay for an episode, then one part of the team comes in to program the game and create the basic art assets, and finally the rest of the team arrives to put it all together for the final product. In the meantime, the designers have already finished designing the next episode, and the cycle continues. From start to finish, it takes about three months to complete an episode, overlapping in that style.

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