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Al Emmo protection error

posted by RogerXY on - last edited - Viewed by 246 users

Can't get the trial version of this game to work. When I start it, all I get is a black screen and soon I get "Protection Error" and the game crashes.
Anyone else experienced this?

EDIT: Sorry I guess it's better to ask this in Himalaya Studios forum :)

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  • Could you post a screenshot of what you're seeing? That might help us figure out if it's a game problem or a problem with the activation system.

  • Well, I see a black screen, not much to post a screenshot of ;)
    The "Protection Error" is seen in the taskbar when I try to alt+tab, but it can't be shown as a pop-up dialogue box or something. The only thing I can do at this point is to ctrl+alt+del

    (I get the welcome screen as normal, it's when I click "Play the free trial" and the game starts I get this error)

  • Thanks, it sounds like a game problem. The computer might be having trouble switching to the screen resolution the game wants to run at.

    Let us know if the people at the Himalaya forum have any suggestions that help.

  • Will do, I have started a thread there as well

    EDIT (got answear from Himalaya):

    [quote="GameDevChris"]Have you inquired about this bug on the TellTale forums at tall? I am not sure of the exact copy protection method they have used on the game, but it seems like this is most likely what's causing the protection error on your system. We haven't had any reports of this occurring before. TellTale may know of some way to bypass it and get the demo working as intended.[/QUOTE]

    It seems like I'm a unique case :)
    I will try download another version of the demo and get back to you

  • I downloaded the demo from another place and it works like a charm. So it seems like it has something to do only with the demo downloaded from Telltale. Just wanted to let you know if someone else experience the same error

  • The "Protection Error" is not something that I've ever seen with the protection we use, which is why I sent you to them, but it's just as likely to be on our end as on their end.

    Glad the other demo is working for you. Enjoy it. :)

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