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The first 4 Lemon Demon albums are available for free

posted by Jennifer Moderator on - last edited - Viewed by 152 users

I just checked out the web site for Lemon Demon, and I was surprised to see the first four lemon demon albums are now free. :)

If you don't know who Lemon Demon is, check out these videos The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, I've Got Some Falling to Do, and Toy Food.

Lemon Demon is the music project of Neil Cicierega, known as Trapezoid in the turn-of-the-millenium LucasArts fan community (and as Deporitaz out of legal necessity for his music releases), and known for the Sam 'n' Max Disco song and the insane Animutations (that he created back in 2001 when he was only 14, and are still strangely entertaining). :D

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