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TWD: Black screen on Mac

posted by Tazo on - last edited - Viewed by 124 users

I bought the game on Steam and I was messing around with adding a secondary monitor to my MacBook Pro. The game worked fine at first, but every time since then, the game just loads a black screen and I can't get anywhere. I've tried clearing the cache, uninstalling and deleting all files, redownloading and reinstalling. Nothing works. Is there an update coming soon or should I just ask for a refund?

Also I've tried playing it offline, it doesn't work. I don't have any firewall or antivirus stuff on my computer, but it's a Mac.

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    DjNDB Moderator

    I can't help with the issue, but i moved this to an own thread, since the one you posted in was created for gathering information on a specific windows issue only.

  • For what it's worth, I'm having this EXACT same problem! The game worked fine until I tried to connect my MacBook to my TV, to play on a bigger screen. That made it crash, and since then every time I've opened the game my screen has gone black and stayed that way until I shut off my computer (something I do not like having to do). I have all the requirements (was careful to check before downloading), so that's definitely not it.

    Wish I had a solution, but I've tried all the same stuff you have - reinstalling, tweaking my settings, abandoning the dual-monitor idea, etc - and it hasn't helped. I've contacted tech support, and they have yet to reply. Hopefully now that they know there's more than one person suffering through this glitch they'll be more inclined to take action.

    Solutions, anybody? Please??

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