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csi 3d?

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Well I must say im a huge fan of the series and games but something is well... idk missing.

Yea I may be old but does anyone remember the tex murphy series ? It a first person shooter detective adventure.. and ever since those good ole days it seems we run from FPS in adventures. How about anachranox? ran on a modified quake engine and was still a FPS advent! I would love just once before the series dies to see a full FPS csi game, able to walk around the actual scene in full 3d not just pan a stationary scene.
On hard make it so you can fail if you step on evidence and easy does nothing, that way no harm no foul for the novices. Anyway I love how the adventure company is trying this FPS approach in some of their games and now steam is getting a few on their platform. Hope to maybe see something in the future.

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  • Tex Murphy isn't a shooter - I think you're talking more about the cameras than anything (i.e. you like a free roaming camera, as opposed to Telltale's games that have fixed cameras).

    I have a terrible sense of direction, and so personally I prefer the fixed cameras because they help protect me from getting lost. :p That said, I do think the CSI games would benefit if the player was able to explore a bit more...

    Something I didn't like about Tex Murphy, though, was that you ended up opening a lot of drawers, cabinets, etc. to find one little piece of evidence (or maybe none at all). I guess it's more realistic than only being able to open the one door that happens to have something behind it, but while playing Overseer I often felt lost and concerned that I was going to miss something.

  • ack.. each time I say FPS please disregard.. I just mean First person LOL.(although anachronox was on a FPS engine lol)
    Darn my msn ways and acronyms !!
    I agree while adding more realism it adds alot of clutter such as the endless empty drawers and what not but all that can be solved easily by difficulty. Have easy only have the drawers and cupboards that have event items in it be opened while say hard everything can be looked at. Glad to see someone else at least has played tex murphy..wish that series would do another game with full motion video, seems to have well for the new command and conquer :P

    Old dude that loves telltale... over and out!

  • I've tried a number of free-roaming first-person 3d adventure games, and didn't like how it turned out in any of them. Azrael's Tear, Aura, Agon, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened and a few others (never did try Tex Murphy though); all gave me they same problems in easily losing track of where I was and easily overlooking important stuff. I've never felt particularly immersed in any of them, either.
    Now, since CSI has small scenes and has locating the evidence as a major part of the gameplay, it just might work. But I definitely don't think it is "missing".

  • Lol aura? that was like myst right? .... thats not what I mean... sherlock is more what im talking about, and without bugs I think that went over very well. The game would say... cant go that way.. nothing to see.. etc. Maybe I am just old fashioned and different minded. I never had problems with anything like this.. .drawers.. places.. getting lost.... heck even old sam & max, remember those puzzles yea. Maybe im just to old. Still think 3d First person adventures(not like myst where you just click forward but actually WALK forward ) are underrated, I even liked simon 3d... minus the bugs lol fun and funny game .
    Anyway I would love it in csi and it would be easy to not get lost in a game like that since there is no places to go other than the scenes :P Dont walk you walking the strip LOL
    I respect your opinion but I do believe a first person element is indeed missing from the series :P

  • Fair enough. Come to think of it, I have to admit that it may be a matter of the engine as well. First person shooters never make me as queasy or prone to getting lost as some of these 3d adventure games (especially sherlock, bleh). Hmm, or maybe it's the fact that the gun gives you a point of reference; that would be ironic...
    Anyway, can you recommend a particularly well-handled 3d adventure? I might just change my mind about this. I'll see if I can dig up Tex Murphy and Simon 3d.

  • Arx fatalis... while it is a FP RPG its still advent rpg and the engine was awesome at the time.. takes a bit to get used to the interface but thats on my top 10 game list.. even something like the system shock 2 or thief or deus ex. Lands of lore 2-3.. 3 was buggy as hell. Most of these are mixed advent/rpg/shooter but all have engines that can me made to form to a game. Like I said check anachronox.. just a game built around the quake engine.. old quake engine lol Q2.. and its a fully functional RPG. Or heck I dont mind even go 3rd person like gabriel knight blood of the damned.. aka #3. Just not this stationary stuff that limits how much of a room you can see. As a csi I should be able to lift and move and look at just about everything. Least imo.
    Dare i mention kings quest mask of eternity? I think the engine on that was horrid but the game was just to early for its time, wasnt enough engines out yet that could do what they wanted.. but it would have worked say with the same engine sherlock uses. I think people seriously underestimated that game. Not because it was really that great but because it proved to me that with a little work adventures can easily be first person more often :P

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