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I Dream of ....

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Who will tell his most interesting dream in the forum ?

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  • I can't really remember any interesting dreams which are actually describable, but my last dream (two nights ago) involved going to college and finding it had been rebuilt to the layout of my High School (hated that school, so it was probably more of a nightmare).
    And I didn't recognise any of the teachers when I got into my classes either.
    And the drama rooms had been rebuilt as a swamp for some reason.

    I never have interesting dreams, just weird surreal ones :<. (Like Hitler's VCR, but that's a long story).

  • I only wrote down one of my dreams once in my entire life so far. It was an interesting dream. I present it to you for your consideration:

    It was a time of war, apparently in Poland. I was with a mate, a fellow soldier, and we happily vanquished quite a few enemies. UN soldiers, I think. But then things got a little rough somehow, and we decided to go to the local UN headquarters, to sign up as peace-keeping soldiers. The lieutenant there was very happy to have us, and we didn't dare to mention our little struggle back there, where we killed about a dozen of their guys.
    So, my mate told him about how we were just privates, and the highest we had been was corporal or something. The lieutenant however, made me a commander, and my mate something a little lower. We both got a form with our job descriptions, you might say, and we got these stickers with stripes, to put on our uniforms. I got two, he got one. I found these stripes to be immensely cool, somehow.
    So, then we got our blue berets, and we were ready to go on our first patrol. Of course, ordering troops around is mighty cool, but we decided we needed a bit of firepower. So I asked for a rifle, but didn't think I'd get one. Well, the lieutenant said they had quite a few AK-47s, so I got one of those.
    I never really figured out how it worked, but I managed to get it to shoot later on. We also got blue helmets this day, which I found to be quite an improvement. And we went on another mission. To look if there were any rebels stashed away in the area. So, we split up, and I came to this little hut. Kicked in the door, whole thing came tumbling down. Cardboard or something. The second hut I encountered was empty. And near the end of the mission, I encountered a third.
    When I kicked in the door, it was empty, but spacious, and it had quite a number of doors. I tried to kick in the one to the men's room, but it wouldn't budge. So I tried the next couple of doors, all nothing. Until I came to the last one, which opened up to the garden. I could see the figure of a man behind it, so I kicked it in and shot. Quite a few rebels were there in that garden, and I shot a bunch of them, but some of them weren't quite dead. I also found a gun there, with which I shot a couple of guys who wanted to get up.
    Still, it didn't quite kill them, and when the leader of the bunch took a gun and shot at me, I kept dodging the bullets; nothing hit me. He said he had put blanks in all the guns, so when he came at me, I couldn't shoot him. He was eventually very close to me, and started reloading his gun with real bullets. I decided my best bet was to strangle him, so I started doing this, when he ordered one of his fellow not-quite-dead rebels to help him. That guy took my knife (part of my gear, apparently) and tried to stab me. I managed to grab the knife and stab the rebel leader several times in the heart area though, and that killed him. The rebels that were still alive surrendered, and I guess I captured them or something, and maybe even got a medal for bravery.

  • One of my most interesting dream was when I dreamed that I was with my old computer and playing sam and max episode 2.
    Strangeley the monitor looked like a TV and the joypad was for my old tv game.
    After trying to touch the .... ME .... who was playing my dream had ended And I woke up.

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