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[WD] After the log in in the game I can't play...

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I just bought "The Walking Dead" on Steam. After downloading and starting the game it said I had to log in to telltale. Now as you can see I have an account and I logged in in the game. But then nothing happens! No menu coming up, nothing! I restarted the game a couple times but now the log-in-window doesn't even show up. I don't know what else to do and hope you can help me. :(

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  • Our build of the game on Steam would never ask for login information. It's a totally separate build from what we provide on our site. You don't appear to own the game through our site, so please make sure you don't have any other versions of the game installed. If you do, they'll need to be uninstalled.

    If you're certain you don't have a different version of the game installed, please send me a PM with your Steam username so I can look into it for you.

  • The exact thing happened to me! I just came to the "Click to continue" text, i click and the only thing that happened was that the "click to continue" text disapperad. The Walking dead background logo is still there and the text about information about the game can be found at telltales homepage, when you click the text you will go to their site but you can't do anythin else :/

  • I posted about this problem a few weeks ago and have yet to be contacted by anyone regarding the issue.

    I bought the "Season Pass" off of Steam. When I launched the game, like the other guys, I need to log in with a Telltale account, and now I can't get passed the main "Click to Continue" screen.

    This isn't an isolated issue, so any insight into this problem would be nice, rather than accusations that we don't actually own the game.

  • Is there seriously nobody from Telltale willing to offer some ideas to a solution?

  • I need you to send me a PM with your Steam username, as I said in my last post. I need that to look into it for you. If you sent me a PM already, I'm not seeing it.

  • I'm having the same issue, bought the season off of I played the first episode fine and recently reformatted my computer and just reinstalled today. I enter my login info but nothing happens after, no failed login prompt or can't even get to the main menu

  • Hello, I am experiencing the same problem after purchasing the game during the current Steam Summer Sale - I will PM my username. Thanks

  • Same thing is happening to me. Log in screen and then nothing else.

  • I managed to get mine working. Fresh Steam install (delete any Steam filles/folders in My Documents as well), redownload the game, run Steam as an administrator and finally change the "Steam" directory so that it isn't "Read Only" (Right click the folder, then go to properties and uncheck the "Read Only" box).

    I'm not sure which of the above actually solved it, but it seems to be running fine for me now.

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