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Lego Harry Potter Years1-4 glitch

posted by legofan on - last edited - Viewed by 198 users

I encountered a glitch Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4

There is a red brick to be found in the room where you learn wingardium leviosa. However, I am unable to enter the trap door (labelled with a question mark) any longer (i have been in there before).

I have tried to restart the game to see if the glitch goes away, however, I am still encountering this problem.

Anyone else have this problem, or know how to solve it?


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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    Oh no! You've come to the forum for Telltale Games, but you probably meant to go to the forums for Traveler's Tales, AKA TT Games!

    Those guys make the Lego games, not us! Sorry about that and best of luck with your tech support issue.

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