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[WD] Just bought the game, Loads of problems PC

posted by Meko2279 on - last edited - Viewed by 206 users

Okay, so I just bought this game thinking oh a zombie game with a story line and a new style of game mechanics i'll try it out. Well I was disappointed in the xbox controler image when I tried to look up what the controls to the game where. Well it had none and no way to rebind them so i figure it can't be that hard its just a click adventure.

Well now 5 minutes into the game I am wrestling with a zombie in a kitchen...
AND NONE OF THE @#)($*@# KEYS WORK! I just die oVER OVer and OVER AND OVER again. I Load it. and just roll my hands across my keyboard looking for ANY... ANY kind of response. I shake my mouse side to side. I hit every key on my #@$)(* KEYBOARD and NOTHING Does ANYTHING. so I just die and die and die, and there is no Explination at all about what the )(*#$ IS going ON.

Ps. Your crappy game LAGS. like really reallly LAGS bad when set on the 1900 resolution.. how is this even possible? Its got comic book graphics. I run Skyrim on ultra high and run around everywhere without so much as a skip but this game lags halfway through the scene where you are just walking away from the car, Hell I dont even know what all happened because it just kept lagging so #@)$(* Bad.

What the hell am I suppose to hit on the PC to defend myself from this god damn zombie that jumps me in the kitchen? Is this an indication of the rest of the game? is it going to be this much of a pile of junk? I feel like I just got robbed for $25 at gun point. Fix your god damn game, this is pathetic.

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  • I play this game on highest settings in stereoscopic full HD and it does not lag. Most probably the lag comes from your computer and not the game.

    That said, the game has useful tutorial texts shown on the top left. And if I remember correctly, the button is shown on screen during the wrestle scene. Look on your screen instead of torturing your keyboard.

    And finally, this is a forum for users of the game. If you want to address the officials, then do it. No need to post random hate here.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    There should be on-screen prompts for what keys to hit there. Are you not seeing them?

  • This isn't Random Hate, that would imply I have no connection to the game at all which is just absurd, all my anger towards this game is because I tried to play it, thus the last thing it is, is Random..

    Well I suppose I have to play the game in handholding mode, because I picked the minimal interface because I didn't want to see how my current decisions would inpact the rest of the game, I wanted it to be a suprise, not before hand mentioned who is going to remember who did what.. Seems almost like cheating unless the main character has ESP as a special skill. So basicly if you choose minimal interface on the pc you are screwed.

    Oh well good for you Lachi.. Maybe its possible that the game does lag when in 1900 resolution and not HD? hmm think of that? probably not. But it does. and it does horribly.

    and yes this is a forum for users of the game. I bought the damn game there for I am a user of the game, if you don't like it. don't freaking respond, atleast puzzlebox here suggests something constructive. IE you got to play this game with the full interface and not a minimal one. apparently the game tells you everything to do and everything to say in normal interface, taking away all the fun and suprise.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    You should see the key prompts even with the minimal interface... if you're not seeing them, there may be some other issue.

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