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Sam & Max Ep1 - Continual Drive Activity on Vista

posted by Coopdevil on - last edited - Viewed by 149 users

Just purchased Episode 1 and running on a 1.6 Ghz celeron laptop, 0.5 gig RAM, Windows Home Vista Basic - yeah, I know, not the greatest specs in the world but supposedly OK for the game.

The demo ran fine so I bought the full game, but as soon as I leave the office at the start of the game, the game crucifies the machine with continual drive activity, taking about 2 minutes to get to the point where Sam & Max are in the street. The game is then totally unplayable and hammers the machine so much, it has taken me on all three occasions that I've tried it, around 5 - 10 minutes even to get to the Task Manager to kill the process.

I have 30+ Gig free on the hard drive and the machine is only 3 weeks old so it can't be suffering from chronic drive fragmentation or anything like that.

Any ideas?


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    There are issues with Ep 1 and Vista.

    Try updating your drivers and disabling DEP, if that doesn't work:

    There will be a new Vista-friendly version of episode 1, but at this point it's looking like it won't be until after Season 1 wraps. Sorry. :( There are only so many of us, and although I thought we'd be able to get these fixes out quickly, it turns out I was wrong.

    In the meantime there is a version of the game that we have been sending to press, which is Vista-compatible. If you want to use this until the "real" Vista-friendly version is ready, just send an email over to [EMAIL=""] requesting it and I will send you the download instructions.[/quote]

  • Culture Shock does not activate properly under Vista, the computer's hardware fingerprint changes every time you reboot the machine, essentially deactivating the game. This is not a problem in episodes 2-6, and we will be releasing a Vista compatible version soon. The DVD will also be an alternative, when it comes on the DVD here:

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