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Do you like video game music?

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Opinions on game music? I'm not asking your favorite albums but something broader. Eras, genres. Chip music, like 80s style Mario Bros? Or more recent stuff that's full orchestral?

I've been thinking about reopening my internet radio broadcast so was just wondering.

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  • Yes. I do.

    Chiptunes, metal, orchestral, jazz band, music like what Shatter had...

    You name it, I probably would like it!
    As long as its well made and sounds good. I'll like it.

  • Yeah, I enjoy all sorts of video game music. I'm particularly fond of stuff from RPGs, that's normally epic and sweeping, which'll get me feeling good.

    Conversely, some good ol' chiptune tracks are pretty good too. As long as they're not boringly slow. I've found that with a lot of chiptune albums, they always seem to be really slow-paced and dull.

    I actually did an experiment with a couple of tracks - namely, I sped them up 100%. They actually sounded much better to me! I guess that's just the way I'm coded or something. Hey ho.

  • I love real music, like the kind Jared Emerson-Johnson makes, or the orchestral music from Return To Zork.

    Otherwise, it's a mixed bag. Kind of like saying, "Do you like music?" without any other clarifying remarks about what kind of music. Good music contributes to the mood of the game. Bad music just repeats itself no matter what you're doing, unless it's something like Tetris, where you're only doing one thing for the whole game.

  • Hells yeah. I like both the orchestral stuff and chip, though for different reasons. The orchestral is more fun to listen to, but I've been far more successful in transposing chip music to piano. The exception being Trine, which is pretty much the only "orchestral type" that I've been able to get down to two hands.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I enjoy all kinds of video game music, but I admit I have a preference for orchestral. I do enjoy really well done synthesized music like Michael Land's Tales of Monkey Island score.

    That said, I don't mind chiptunes either. I have the NES and SNES Mario songs that came on the soundtrack CD with Super Mario All-Stars Wii on my WinAmp playlist.

  • Alright. I'm seriously thinking of starting my broadcasts up again. I used to like playing various music from games and considering I have 80 gigs of just game music, I think it wouldn't hurt to start it up.

  • Ditto for Darth Marsden. :)

  • I like old Chiptune (Megaman 2) and the newer electronic ans sometimes chiptunesque (Super Meat Boy) music in videogames. But if you give me a full blown orchestral score like in Diablo 3 all you do is bore me.
    All video game music is welcome as long as it is memoirable (and orchestral scores fail at that 99% of the time).

    Favourite videogamescore of 2011: Frozen Synapse

  • I think my favorite score so far this year is Max Payne 3. It's techy, with noir, and a lot of drum beats.

  • I've no preference, just music that suits its purpose.

    Clint Mansell did some really nice stuff in ME3, really good use of acoustic and digital instruments. There's more emphasis on humanity in the music in three, with the pianos and strings and orchestral parts, whilst the synths and reaper calls represent the galactic side of the struggle.

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