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PS3 Hdmi setup for an Emerson LC190EM2

posted by King John XII on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users

I have the tv mentioned in the title and I have been trying to put my ps3 on HDMI for that tv. So I go to the options in the ps3 and select the setup for HDMI and it says in thirty seconds it'll reset yatta yatta blah blah then I go to my HDMI channel and just a blank black screen and I fiddled with the tv and it definitely detects the HDMI ps3 cord soooo... Wtf do I do????
please help fast before I go mad.

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  • PS3's sometimes have issues with TV's and frequencies. It sounds like it is choosing one that isnt supported. Turn autodetect off, go through the manual setup and turn off all but one and keep trying it. Start with the 60Hz ones as that's the optimal for your TV it seems. Keep trying lower if needed. Not higher.

    I had this problem on my crappy old 720p TV which was 60Hz. I couldn't tell you exactly what settings I had it on as this was 3 years ago now, but I'm pretty sure I ended up having to use one of the 50Hz choices...again, I'm not sure which one though.

  • I'm not good with TVs... Like at all so could you explain how I would go about doing all that and I'm not familiar with the frequency things like 1080p and 720p and Hz things so I'd need like a full walkthrough on this, sorry I'm not the most handy when it comes to this kinda stuff.

  • I've had a similar problem in the past. If you hold down the power button when turning the ps3 on until it makes a second beep, you should be able to manually select a resolution because it will now output at 480i.Here is the Sony suport article if I wasn't being clear enough.

  • Do that first. A resolution issue is much easier to deal with. Well they are both easy, but a frequency issue will require me to fire up my PS3 to describe it.

    Or if you have your composite cables, yellow/red/white, hook them up and change your PS3 output resolution to 720p. I believe this is under "Output" something or other.

    Even doing it gamer's way, you'll want to change that setting as your PS3 will then be outputting at 480i, which is not what you want either.

    Display settings> video output settings> HDMI> custom> make sure only 480p and 720p are checked> finish.

  • OK 2 things when doing the two beeps when I hit the button it beeps then will eventually make another beep is that it or am I waiting on two quick beeps?

    And when I go to display,video output,hdmi, it just says switch to HDMI channel there is No custom option thing

  • That should have been it. Now switch to HDMI and try it. The second part can only be done after it's set to HDMI.

    Have an HDMI cable be the only cable going from PS3 to TV, have the TV on that input(even if nothing shows up), (with the PS3 turned off) Hold the power button for 5 seconds(the two beeps), then let go. It should auto detect.

  • Danger it it's still not workin. I went to HDMI and I said switch tho the channel and I did then I did the reset thing and still nothin

  • I've never actually had to do the reset trick. Have you done it this way?

    If the first one doesn't work, try the second and choosing default settings.

  • Good God I did what was in the video and probably ly messed up somewhere because I deleted EVERYTHING on my ps3 and I'm pretty sure I have a broken HDMI cord as the metal piece on one of the ends fell off, I managed to put it back. But anyway I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to have someone figure this out in person because otherwise I'm not going to be able to use HDMI.

  • i had the same problem and just got a new hdmi cable and it now works

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