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Things to do while you wait for the Walking Dead Episodes

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{If mods can Edit threads as well as titles they can later include other series we're waiting for and move this to a general topic but for now i'm Sticking to Walking Dead}

So your Waiting for TWDG Episode 2 and beyond.
But what can you do in the Meantime to kill time?
Heres some ideas from me and hopefully you will contribute too.

1. Play Mass effect 3 realize your waiting for EC come back to TWDG realize your waiting for Episode 2 Repeat.

2. Play a TWDG Save where Lee Never answers anyone {except when forced to choose between night and day and such}

3. Create a Mockup of the Motel {and Pharmacy if your apt} In The Sims 3. Create a Family of Clementine, Lee, Larry, Lilly, Kenny, Duck, Kaatja, Carley, And Dough {seriously every time i type doug it pops up Dough so im sticking with it} and set A.I. to full freedom and observe them making diaries of their activities noting when Larry and Lee have a gay wedding or when Doug accidentally sets the kitchen on fire.

4. Write your own personal Diary of the outbreak with an original character, or your own self.

5. Draw some Fan Art.

6. Play Minecraft and build a replica of The Motel or well just play Minecraft

7.Write a TWDG song.

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