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csi 3 dimensions of murder

posted by gomak on - last edited - Viewed by 211 users

Hello Im currently playing csi 3 and no problems until now. Im in the 3rd case from 5 half way through it and i cant go no further as none of the suspects will speak, brass and the doctor have nothing to say and i ask for a clue and it doesnt give me the option to have 1. I have all the evidence up to that part etc iv even restarted the case from the start and got to exactly the same position with the same results. can you help please

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    Ryan Telltale Alumni

    Hey Gomak, I am going to look into this for you. It's an older game so it might take me a little while to scrounge up info. I am presently working on some other CSI3 bugs that have resurfaced, so hopefully I'll have info for you very soon.

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