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sam & max problems with graphic card

posted by imunoz6 on - last edited - Viewed by 144 users

I can't play sam & max season 1 (any demo episode) with my pc. The error is "It's impossible to start Direct3d."
In dxsetup, direct3d work's normally. My graphic card is a Hercules Kyro Prophet 4000XT -Video Memory Installed: 32 MB-
The other requeriments seems ok.
Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

- Directx 9.c is installed
- color quality is set to 32 bit
- the game in isn't compatibility mode
- the video card's drivers are updated

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  • I am not familiar with that video card. Is it capable of playing other 3D games?

  • I checked out your cards specs, and you should be able to run the games fine. I do think you should check the card's manufacturers site to see if their have been similar complaints, maybe about direct X 9 or other drivers, such as 3rd party drivers...also try deleting your pref.prop and start from scratch graphically.

  • I've tried to upgrade the graphic card driver. After finishing, the computer started to run slowler and slower. Every time I righ-clicked over the icon tray panel, it wasn't able to open a menu... The game crashes just after start it...fascinating...
    I returned to my older drivers. At least, I've my computer operative.
    Thanks for all.

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