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Episode 2 Release Dates are out!!! June 27th for Xbox / June 29th PSN/PC/Mac

posted by puzzlebox Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 58.5K users

New poll by community request! No prizes on this one for getting it right, except of course everlasting glory and the undying adulation of fellow forum members.

If for some reason you're looking for the dead thread, it's over here (closed to new posts).

[B]divisionten edit: My prize for a comission still stands. One random person who guesses the correct date (as decided by a RNG) will receive a comission of their choice as described in the earlier poll. I have to pick randomly this time because Puzzlebox beat me to poll making. So get guessińg![/B]

WINNERS: By a random D10 die roll (disregarding numbers 8-9-0 for the first and 0 for the second) we have our winners!

The_Ripper and trueblue43 will receive a commission for correctly guessing the date!

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