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Can't buy the Season 1 Collection for love or money

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I tried browsing through the forums, but I didn't bump into any threads about the subject, so I'll be making my own. I've been waiting for all the episodes of S&M to come out, and now that they have, I decided to buy the whole Season, being an avid fan of adventure games all the way from the 80's.

Now, whenever I log into the TellTale Store, put the Season 1 in my cart, fill in all the information required, choose the payment option and click "proceed", I get this:


This happens on all the browsers I've tried (FFox, Opera) and on both PayPal and Visa as the payment method. I've been at this for a week now, on and off, so I'm starting to rule out TTG server errors as a probable cause.

So, long question put short:

1.) Has this happened before to anyone? :confused:
2.) What do I do to rect the situation? :cool:
3.) --and what's the address of the cute girl in TTG marketing I need to give head to to able to download the game? (Also, USD 34.95 offered) :p

Thanks a bunch. :D


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