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The Broken Kingdoms adventure MMO, anyone interested?

posted by Rasher on - last edited - Viewed by 242 users

I just finished exploreing the special beta preview of this game. Pretty fun :) Should be even more fun when it goes live on the 24th.

Anyone interested in an adventure MMO? Sort of recreates the feeling I got when I used to play adventure games with my brothers. Anyway, the link is below:

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  • An adventure MMO? Sounds pretty interesting. :D Unfortunately I have satellite internet, and my latency is over 1500ms, so I can't play internet games. : /

  • Aw, too bad about that Adam. On the plus side latency might not matter. It's really more of a adventure game with a chat fuction so players can try solving puzzles together.

    No cooperation so far, but I hear that there are some puzzles you can't solve on your own. You'll need another player to help you out. I could be wrong about that though, because there is nothing like that in the beta.

  • I played it, seems interesting. Not a lot to do though. : / I went looking for a thief and I found a body out next to some scorpions, but couldn't pass them. I think I need to get the dragon scent from the guy next to the well and scare them away with that.

  • Yeah, not a lot to do until the game goes live on the 24th. I'm interested enough to check it out then.

    You are definately on the right track Adam. All you have to do is get that Dragon Scent ....

  • I'm intrigued, but not really "interested." Or rather, I find it interesting as a concept, but I don't particularly feel compelled to play it.

    It's free though, so I may yet be easily convinced. :D

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