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Has the wait turned you off about the game?

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Has the 2 months wait for the 2nd episode turned you off?

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  • Nope..I've seen delays last 14 years. two months doesn't bother me.

  • Well, I was more interested at first even reading all the debates on the forum, but now I mostly lurk on it... Even the team seems vanished...

    I'm sure I'll be entertained when it will come out, but I'm not sure that the most "casual" gamers will even remember that there's a second episode coming out if you don't recall them about it...

    But maybe I'm wrong.

    @Icedhope said: Nope..I've seen delays last 14 years. two months doesn't bother me.

    (welcome back, Tex!) :rolleyes:

  • I think the problem is remembering everything from the first game. If I had to wait two months between episodes of tv shows, I'm not sure how successful they'd be.

  • It has just made me play ep1 more times. I just tend to check online to see if its out then when it isn't I try to forget I'm waiting for it. (Difficult I know) I have found lots of interesting z games due to my need of a z game fix.

    sc4recrow - I wonder if we will get a "Previously on The Walking Dead"

  • Would be nice if you did get a "previously on the walking dead" that ties in to your own choices.

  • Previously on The Walking Dead - You have butter fingers with a shotgun cartridge, you shoot a man in the head then ask if he is alive, you trip, you trip over again, you slip on some blood you have just looked at, you drink some questionable water,you trip over again. ok im gonna stop here it could take ages :D

  • Nope, was hooked since Lee, and Clem were discussing what Hershel's barn smelled like. The 2 month wait has made me want it even more, and I can't wait to see Lee struggle to survive in the undead world with Clem. How far can you push a person before they turn into a cornered animal? Will Carly still not know how to use battaries? Will Lee's past be revealed? Can Duck really drive a tractor?! All these and answered and more on the next action packed Walking Dead.

  • well, I've to say that If the game takes place after 3 months.... it will feel real..... :P

    BTW programmers alerady stated that there will be a "previously on TWD:TG" feature at the beginning! ;)

  • The way people are overreacting to the delay is baffling. It's just a month. Telltale's skipped a month before, and yet people are acting like this is the next Duke Nukem Forever.

    To be honest, the wave of newcomers who neither know nor care about how Telltale works that this game is bringing in is killing me. Good thing Fables and King's Quest should be more nichey.

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