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Need some help with episode 1 :>

posted by Batista1337 on - last edited - Viewed by 130 users

hey ppl i'm kinda new, never heard of "Sam & Max"
but now i do and it's kinda nice...

I need some help with episode 1,
what exactly do i have to do after i finished knockin' out those 3 kids..
i got some paper that i have to bring to that psy lady :P
what do i have to do for that she'll sign this paper for me?

thanks for the helpers :

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  • Have you given the form to her yet? After you do that, talk to her about testing you for the symptoms of APD. She'll come up with three tests you have to pass, one for each of the symptoms.

  • yea but what exactly do i have to do in those test?
    tried some stuff but she's driving me crazy lol :P

    i'll be glad if u could help me with those freaking tests :s

    Thanks :>

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