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Games That Didn't Deserve To Be Forgotten

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I'll start off with a few- you don't have to post pictures or links-

The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy

601b8a9cda0d55667aff8224616a4800b37ec6f8Dark Savior

29b12c95919d21c4f5d4ba9f71500472ca315946Eternal Darkness - Sanity's Requiem

94b99984c7d927140da2167a20eaea82189c7424Fragile Dreams - Farewell, Ruins of the Moon

fd3ebca9a4302fbf1c92adf8f9aad068abffaf57God Hand


52abcc75872c0a850d5c78528969d199e5dcef17Starfox Adventures

2e64f40279c0758cdfa6e3a167440793ce68ac13Metal Wolf Chaos

cb7565026458a08a090a2d3609b9ca3d503920cfThe Guardian Legend


62e5d5cf0104a72aec5380b2534b97b9def70b90Space Harrier

d45f2960e00c8256320cab31925727f4625a7e39Custom Robo

f3eebf5d5427e5c14f7824b95122b86543fe3934New Horizons

59656827670e464137da8d03f85a6e6a8cb2e291Space Station Silicon Valley


c5928b9b6ca6e5873106fe251cc036ce0f25089cRising Zan

e894d1b4f4038de2d14e78cecfa2287df1a71794The Legend of Oasis

1aa36570e1ebfa1e4d148e229f151dd7db8bf96fBeyond Oasis

9a1b1d70a3136f49a8084e0805ae9ea8f26a1649Gunman's Proof

ed6c9239bb1d64c73e589aca268668fa5532b939Astro Boy - Omega Factor

0af0d8cbb2707dfc70e8e3e76617ecebdb7a4ebaBanjo-Kazooie - Nuts and Bolts

3d6eacf971e4b29dba5b6da7c10f609166b5b003Clash at Demonhead

6cb1a3d0e342df3682de36833d722064b9b19b4aConker's Bad Fur Day

80e6ff8489878093df2d434d6fe66e318fee2d13PK - Out of the Shadows




79483d3c3221b21cd7ff4a8a556a7698b506241dCall of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth

5362cd81c662c3b517d92d79d637f49e8583987bGhost in the Shell

5d5e59349a07a09876cfa4c30820a106c5c19f8eP.N. 03

73ea849ec65e9f909a17cf6a9b36867213d9846fThe Neverhood


756d8ae09284ae52a00c003ae8cc8b31fa44e689Demon's Crest

c1751cf3f6f6bf6d003ae70404032519f1e2ab33Sweet Home

9a3b8ff7ed74449c6d92ea3596f8a49b1d728a44Scooby Doo - Mystery!




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  • You know, when I was younger, I really enjoyed...

    ...I wouldn't really consider Conker and Ghost as forgotten as both are still brought up quite often(or else NES Batman would be posted here).

  • You mentioned most that I would have in the first post.

  • I was going to list some...

    ...but then I forgot. :/

  • Huh, I forgot about P.N. 03. I should add that to my GameCube wishlist.

    Man, now I want to go through my boxes of old Nintendo Power issues and see what other games piqued my interest that I've since forgotten.

  • There was a Ghost in the shell game!? Was it good?

  • Advent Rising.

    Had it been a trilogy as originally planned, would've kicked Mass Effect's ass (even though Mass Effect is kind of a really different genre, but still :p ). But now, we have only the first entry with a cliff-hanger :(

  • Nightshade is pretty much one of the top ten games ever released on NES.

  • @coolsome said: There was a Ghost in the shell game!? Was it good?

    I don't know, but it's been recommended to me and it has an original storyline in canon with the manga directly. For that reason alone I think it's an important title. There was a SAC game too but I heard it wasn't very good.

  • @Secret Fawful said: I don't know, but it's been recommended to me and it has an original storyline in canon with the manga directly. For that reason alone I think it's an important title. There was a SAC game too but I heard it wasn't very good.

    Yh I played the SAC game for PS2 and it wasn't great. It was fun but onnly cos I was running around as Batou and the Major otherwise I wouldn't have played past level 1.

  • I would have added Okami to the list, but given that it's actually getting an HD re-release on the PS3 (with Move support)... good times.

    I haven't played all those games mentioned, but I can comment on a couple. So...

    Eternal Darkness - Good game. Bloody good game. It's like Resident Evil if it was, y'know, good.

    Fragile Dreams - Farewell Ruins to the Moon - When I tried this, I seem to recall it having an incredibly slow start. Like, I played for an hour and not a lot happened. I'm sure it picked up, but oof. Not a great way to entice players.

    Starfox Adventures - Leaving aside the fact that this was Starfox in nothing but name (it's basically a Zelda ripoff), it's also one of the easiest games I've ever played. Like, I can play all the way through without dying once. ONCE. The combat was repetitive, the shopkeeper was annoying, the combat was repetitive, the puzzles weren't challenging, the combat was repetitive, the ship sections were pale imitations, the combat was repetitive, the characters were bland & annoying and the combat was repetitive. Also, repetitive combat. Not sure if I mentioned that.

    The Legend of Oasis - I only briefly played this to get an achievement in the PS3 Sega Mega Drive Collection, but it seemed like a fun Zelda-like game. I'm guessing Beyond Oasis was a sequel?

    Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts - This is a perfectly fine game, with one fatal flaw. THIS IS NOT A BANJO-KAZOOIE GAME. It's a completely different game with the BK license slapped all over it. It's not a true successor to the series and it's not the game fans wanted. THAT is what's wrong with this game. Also, JonTron review. It is hilarious, as is all his stuff.

    Conker's Bad Fur Day - Yes. We need either a sequel to this game (and not one that focuses on the Tediz war that the head of Rare said somewhere) or another completely different game that has much the same feel. Live and Reloaded doesn't count. God, what happened to you Rare? You used to be cool.

    PK - Out of the Shadows - I own this game on the Gamecube, and I can tell you why people didn't buy it. It takes Donald Duck, turns him into a 'superhero', changes his voice and has him shooting aliens. ...yeah. It's actually a pretty solid game, but it's so left field it baffles me why they made it.

    Earthbound - FUCK. YES. I'm playing through a hack of it that basically adds a New Game + mode. Can't wait until I finish and play through again, dominating those f**king bees. Yeah.

    P.N.03 - Another game I own (somewhere). This was an odd game to say the least, but it wasn't bad at all. It was a pretty fun shooter. Weird, but fun.

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