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Anyone want to give me a clue???

posted by JethroUK on - last edited - Viewed by 358 users

I've been playing Monkey Island for 25 years and still haven't a clue

Read all the cheat sheets - still no clue

in desperation I signed up here so I might get some help getting out of the town

I read a cheat how to get past the dogs guarding the manision - it suggests

"To do this, return to the Mêlée Island™ map and go to the fork. "

Well i aint got no map, never had no map, never heard of no map

Also talks about going to fettucci circus - aint seen no circus, no clue how to get out of this god forsaken town

so I cant even cheat and I'm getting towards throwing the disc in the bin

Anyone want to give me a clue???

Maybe how to get past the dogs?

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