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Bug reports - episode 2

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When the dead guy reanimates and attacks Katjaa, Lee's head disappeared and his legs went through the truck. Also it was a fight scene but it wouldn't let me do anything and I died. I don't know if it's going to happen again but I dashboarded and I'll give it another shot.

EDIT: When I replayed it, it worked perfectly fine. Other bugs were a couple instances of characters cutting off mid-sentence through out the episode. Other than that it was fantastic and a bit longer than Episode 1. Took me about 2 hours & 45 minutes while Episode 1 took just under 2 hours for me. Very good and has an even higher replayability. Also this isn't a complaint thread. I love the episode. Just pointing out some flaws.

Bugs so far on Xbox
-Occasional cut-off of dialogue mid-sentence.
-Lee's head disappearing and his legs going though the truck when the reanimated teacher attacks Kat.
-Lilly's invisible gun.
-Constant lag/freezing during final end scene. Especially when you peak out from the stall and Denny is holding a gun to your face. It froze and got me killed.

-How to help fix the lag...
1. Try clearing your system cache and it should help speed up your system. Not really a fix, but it should help a bit.
2. If you don't know how to clear your system cache:
I played both episodes after doing this and there was almost no lag. (Thanks Squeezeit :))
-Longer than normal black screens.
-Sound was off during the scene when Clem was kicking the soccer ball against the barrel. The ball would hit the barrel then 2 seconds before/later it would make the noise. Also the same thing happened when Mark was helping Larry with the fence.
-Lag during the "Previously on TWD..." and "Next time on TWD..." cut scenes.
-Cut scene skipping.
-Choppy audio.
-Music resetting during the final cut scene.

-Some achievements are not being counted. It says I have 8 out of 16 with 100 GS but when I select the game it says 16 out of 16 unlocked with 100 GS. If this happened to you, recover your profile and play through Episode 2 again.
-Recover or download your profile by...
1. Sign out of your profile.
2. Select "Download Profile".
3. Enter the Windows Live ID associated with your Xbox LIVE GT.
4. Select the storage device for your profile (for example, Hard Drive).
This does work as I replayed the episode and it unlocked the achievements for me.
-Game freezes while loading the Statistics screen. Still pause-able but doesn't load.
-Force to move forward when Brenda is holding Katjaa.
-When Kenny is in the barn it says in the subtitles something to the affect of {motions toward barn}

Bugs so far on PC and PS3
-Graphical problem on Game Load screen.
-Choices in Episode 1 affecting opposite of what they're supposed to in Episode 2.
-Typo: "You convinced Clementine to take to (should be the) hoodie..."
-Statistics at the end are replaced by name placeholders and are all at 50%.
-After completeing Episode 2, the options to view stats and rewind are gone for Episode 1, rewind option is gone in Episode 2, it says Coming Soon instead of continue for Episode 2, and it says Coming Soon at the Download Content section for Episode 2.
-After quitting TWD, Episode 2 becomes available again but the saved game reverts back to Episode 1. Episode 2 loses it's Stats option and when you play Episode 2 again it starts at the scene where they're walking and find the car.
(See spiritofcat's comment on Page 4 for pictures of all the stuff mentioned above.)
-Freezes/Crashing when entering the house after discovering what was in the barn's back room.
-Doug is alive in Episode 2 even after not being saved in Episode 1.
-When exiting the game it sends you back to the very beginning of Episode 1.
-Saved files were deleted once downloading Episode 2.
-TWD thinks you're unregistered. And the only way to exit is through Taskmanager.
-Once your 3rd game is started, it deletes everything.

Please specify which platform you are on! Thanks!
Thanks to everybody who contributed a bug or who helped us out!
I will add more bugs to the OP as they come along. :)

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