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Combined shipping

posted by dloeke on - last edited - Viewed by 212 users

Hi there. I was just wondering about something regarding ordering multiple items in one order. We have this silly import tax in Norway, which basically has to be paid on everything we import that costs more than approximately 35 dollars. I'm not going to ask you if you can label a package as a gift or something, because I know that is dirty business. :rolleyes:

Anyway, my question is whether or not the bonus disc will have a value of 34.95 dollars, or if it will simply be valued at null - even though genius is priceless. :D I was planning on purchasing some other stuff along with the DVD, but if the total amounts to more than $35 or so, it would be much better to order the items separately.

Thanks for any assistance in advance. ;) So many temptations, so little willpower... :D

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  • We did some test orders to Europe to see how our fulfillment house would handle the free disc, and it seems the value will be declared as $10, regardless of what's on the invoice. So you should be okay. (Putting it down as a $0 value can apparently cause problems at customs.)

    Maybe someone from Norway who's ordered multiple items from our store can say how it worked for them...?

  • Alright, thanks again. :) I did order a couple of items at the same time before, and their value did in fact exceed the sacred limit without getting stuck in customs, but I'm guessing that was pure luck. It happens every once in awhile.

    Ten dollars doesn't sound like too much, so I guess I'm in the safe zone. Woohoo! :cool:

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