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Choice consequence theorys for next eps. SPOILERS

posted by Dr Lance VanBoobenHousen BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 599 users

I think stealing the stuff from the car will come back around, we see clem with the red hoodie i the next episode, so mabey the owner will see clem in it. the owner could even be that african american guy seen in ep 3 trailer and the promo for ep4. and it would be a bad way to start life with the new guy

I dont think it matters too much about who you save out of Doug and Carley, i think they will die in the last episode, I think TTG are going to put us through an ordeal lol and are gunna kill off our character that we have brought thru from episode one, that we know and love and who always has our backs, in a gory upsetting way! ;] if think it was always going to go that way.

There could be more to the crazy lady even tho she is dead.

I get the feeling its better to be on kennys side, we know lilly is woodbury bound. even tho kenny make bad choices and puts duck and kat first.

I think always lying to clem and killing folk in front of her will be a bad choice ( may even cost her her life =0 ) like you may need her to trust you in the last episode and she's in danger but she wont cme near you. im going to do a play thru when all the eps come out and test that theory lol

anyone sle have any theorys?

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