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Episode 2 not showing as installed.

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So The Walking Dead Episode 2 "Starved For Help" was released yesterday Friday June 29th, 2012, downloaded the update on Steam, went to play the game and the episode was still locked out as 'Coming Soon'.

Tried restarting Steam and the game, same message.

Tried restarting my computer, Steam and the game. Same message.

Uninstalled the entire game, redownloaded it off Steam, restarted everything, same message that the episode was still 'coming soon'.

None of the technical support advice Steam listed for the game works, and I haven't been able to find a fix on the Steam support forums, so I'm trying here.

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    I'm bumping this in the hope that it gets seen and someone can help with it.

  • The same thing is happening to me.

    I downloaded the update after which Chapter 2 was nowhere to be found. It's still in "Coming Soon" status.

    I had already been in touch with Steam support about another game I'd downloaded that's "ready to play" but won't let me play it. I did everything they suggested and it only resulted in my losing access to my Steam account altogether and hence, to my games. I only have two; the one I wrote to them about and The Walking Dead.

    I don't even care about the first one anymore. But I'd really like to play the rest of The Walking Dead.

    I wrote to them again about my lack of access to my account and game library. Nothing they told me to do worked.

    I finally managed to regain access on my own by undoing everything they'd told me to do. The next time I started the Steam client, what I thought was Chapter 2 of the Walking Dead downloaded automatically. If it wasn't Chapter 2, I don't know what it was. It took about 20 minutes to download.

    After it completed, I had no Chapter 2. Steam has told me to come here for help.

    This is the worst digital download experience I've ever had. Once I get the Walking Dead problems resolved one way or other -- even if it means giving up Episodes 2-5 -- I'm finished with Steam. They're just too much of a mess to try to deal with.

    I'm hoping someone can help both me and Voc. There has to be a way to unlock Episode 2 that doesn't involve breaking something else. Thanks.

  • As no one has responded, I thought I'd list everything I've tried so far to get TWD Episode 2.

    Deleted all files in my Steam folder except the \steamapps\ folder and Steam.exe, rebooted and launched Steam.exe.
    Nothing changed.

    Verified game cache files.
    Nothing changed.

    Was told all Windows updates must be current (I'm running WinXP SP3). They already were.

    Ran MSINFO32 to send to Steam but was unable to save the report. Made four attempts; the save froze each time at different points. As I was unable to do what they wanted me to do, I wrote back and said I'd just have to accept that I'd never get Episodes 2-5.

    They sent another email telling me to manually run the secondary installer required by TWD:
    ...\Steamapps\common\the walking dead\DirectX\DXSETUP.exe. I did so.
    Nothing changed.

    At that point, Steam sent me here.

    Today, I received another email from Steam telling me to rename Steam/steamapps, launch Steam and reinstall TWD. I did so.
    Nothing changed.

    I don't understand why I was able to install and play Episode 1 without any problems and I've had nothing but problems trying to install Episode 2.

    Yoo-hoo...Telltale...will you please help?

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    This is another bump, since the problem is STILL unresolved.

  • Experiencing the same issue. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP

  • I'm sorry to say this, but it's a truly bad reflection on Telltale not to have at least acknowledged a serious problem that's now being experienced by three people. Instead, they've left this thread languishing for eleven days and have provided no help whatsoever.

    I can only surmise that they simply don't care. If Steam can't help and Telltale won't, where does this leave us? With a Season Pass that's good for only one episode instead of five, that's where.

    I'm really disappointed in Telltale for choosing to act like this. If there's any recourse at this point, I sure don't know what it is.

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    Agreed, this will be my first and last Telltale Games product.

  • Same problem here. Just says "coming soon", won't unlock it.

    Please help us out here Telltale.

    EDIT: This actually seems to be more of a usability error. I just found out that you can start the 2nd episode no problem by clicking my save game and then clicking the right arrow which leads to the episode 2 option. Then it start the game just fine.

  • Well, this dashes any hope I had for a fast resolution to my similar problem.

    Why have a game support forum if you are not going to give any support?

    How do I get my money back for a game that I can't play?

    This may be my last purchase via steam as well. At least I can return a game I purchase from Best Buy!

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    Still need support for this issue.

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