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i've tried to email you guys(TellTale Games)

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Hello, My name is Austin Diamond and i do youtube as a hobby. I sent a email to the support team but it seems no one got the email or i never got the response, but i got a non-reply message saying to post here if email doesn’t work. My channel name is: TheDragonSlayer315. I recently did a playthrough of The Walking Dead Episode 1. I am wandering if I could get a documentation that would give me the necessary commercial use rights for all elements in my playthrough of The Walking Dead Episode 1. The reason im asking is so i could Monetize the videos of the playthroughs of ur game and to get rights so then i can record any footage of the game when i want because i have plan on doing a whole The Walking Dead episodes. I do have in mind to do Episode 2 sometime today(friday) or tomorrow(Saturday). I will provide links to The Walking Dead Episode 1 playthrough that i also did. I hope you understand my point of view as well as im trying to make this something so I can buy games on release day and provide game footage more than i do now. Here are the links to the playlists of your game, The Walking Dead Episode 1.

The Walking Dead Episode 1 -

Please know that at the moment i can not add any commentary because i dont have the equipment nor money to do. I hope to get a respond from you guys soon because i have alot of games to do in little time. Friday June 29th, 2012. is the release for The Walking Dead Episode 2 for PS3 and PC. I have plan to do a playthrough of the episode because im a fan of The Walking Dead. Youtube has disable my ability to edit my videos because of "claim by a third party" but when i check the Copy right notices i see no claims by Telltale Games, so i just wanted to know is there a way to let Youtube know that i have permission and all rights to record footage of your game. Thanks for ur time and effort in reading my message,

Ur true game fan,

Austin Diamond

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