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Signed copy of Bone

posted by Gabez on - Viewed by 93 users

Sorry for using this forum to shamelessly plug away, but I thought that people might be interested in this, and I'm not sure if people know about it.

Basically, The International House of Mojo is giving away a copy of The Great Cow Race, signed by five of the people who worked on the game, plus some A Vampyre Story signed concept art, which might also appeal to forum visiters here.

Find out more here.

All you need to do is send in some fan-work. A lot of people have already posted some great stuff on these forums, and you're very welcome to resubmit old work. It can be fan-art, fan fiction, fan... anything.

Sorry again for spamming your life up... and thanks to Telltale for donating their kind gift!

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