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Sketchbook order

posted by StevieEg on - last edited - Viewed by 171 users

HI, I ordered the sam an max sketch book on 30/6 an I was wondering when it would be dispatched an how long it may take to arrive I live in UK, theres no urgent rush I was just wondering. CHeerS!

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  • Is there any other merchandise on the order?

    Merchandise usually goes out within a day of when you ordered it, and it can take around 4 weeks to get to the UK. (Hopefully sooner, but we've had reports of longer shipping times so I like to be conservative...)

    If you had other merchandise on the order that's not ready yet (like the Season 1 bonus DVD), then the whole order will be held until that's available in late July. If the sketchbook was all you ordered, it'll probably ship out today.

  • I Just got the confirmation shipment order thingy :D thanks for the reply :o, 4 weeks aint too bad Ill jus sit starin at the mailbox for 4 weeks :D

  • It still might be quicker than that. :)

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