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Chapter 2 not downloading

posted by gmvolpi on - last edited - Viewed by 148 users

I have a Mac, and I have tried 20 times to download the 2 Chapter of TWD. Every time, the download starts, it goes as far as downloading 60-70%, then a window appears announcing that the download has failed due to bad connection. In first place, that is a sheer lie: my connection works wonderfully.
Secondly, it is just idiot that, after that, I've to re-start the download from 0% (to no avail, of course).
I WANT that someone from the TTG staff answers me about this ludicrous problem (and I want it to be fixed immediately, of course).


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  • There are several threads on this already. You are not alone. Matter of fact most Mac user seem to have this problem. I myself have come close to murdering someone out of frustration over this.

    I'm sure TTG will work on this problem and provide a fast solution. ... In some parallel universe.

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