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Do you think Kenny is...

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Turning into Shane, particularly the TV Shane. You know how Kenny was so prepared of not dying in the meat locker, because he knew if he died he wouldn't be able to protect Katjaa and Duck anymore. Same for Shane, he likes to think that Lori and Carl are his responsibility more than Rick's, and would go to drastic measures to make sure he stays alive even if it means killing an innocent person. For example when Shane and Otis were getting swarmed getting medical supplies for a badly injured Carl, he sacrificed Otis to leave as walker bait so he can make it back alive and well in order to save Carl. The way that Kenny also was such a well liked character in Episode 1 and how that changed for most of us by the end of Episode 2 also contrasts to how Shane changed in the TV series. What do you guys think?

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  • That certainly not a bad point of view. I think it is more than acceptable to consider that a person in this kind of situation would create his particular world he would be willing to do anything to protect (this could be himself, his family [Shane, Kenny and even Rick], his group, a thing,…).

    But Kenny has actually drew this similar line.

  • I hope not...Lee and Kenny go a long way back,since Hershel's farm. Unlike Shane though, he has a legitimate family to take care of, so keep that in mind.

  • The thought passed my mind, especially after he kills Larry.

    It reminds me of the TV Show where he opens the barn on Hershel's farm so that people have no choice but to kill the walkers inside.

    And the fact that he says he'll do anything for his family reminds me of what Shane does in order to save Carl. I could totally see Kenny doing something drastic and making the excuse that it was to keep his family safe.

  • I've only since watched the TV series yesterday (don't have it in my country!), and I can see the comparison between Kenny and Shane. So, that's a good call there!

  • Yeah, the whole barn door thing was deja vu

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