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Savegame transfer does not work

posted by Opozzum on - Viewed by 178 users

Hey guys, I have a problem where the game does not want to recognize my savegames. I was gone over the weekend and used my notebook to play the TWD game. Now I am at home again and browsed where to find the savegames. I copied them into my desktop pc's savegames folder but on startup it doesn't show them as active or realizes they are there.

I tried what they mentioned in the link above, but it did not work for me.

And I am not trying to transfer savegames from a Steam version to the Telltale Games version, it is from Steam (on computer A) to Steam (on computer B).

EDIT : I was playing Episode 2 on random choices since it didn't want to recognize my savegames from Episode 1, but it didn't matter, most of the choices were what I had done, too.

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