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How do i get out of barn stalls? (spoilers inside)

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I have Ep 2 on PC, and i think that there are many bug dealing with the interface.

First, when David has become a zombie in the pick up truck and you have to step back from him, there was a black bar in the upper side of the screen supposedly telling me to push "S" key on my keyboard in order to step back from him, but it was completely empty, just the warning signal, fortunately, i watched some youtube's walkthrough and i discovered that i had to presh S key in order to crawl back out of the pickup van.

The next time i encounter the same bug was in the mad woman's camp whose name i can't remember now, when you have to sneak your way the same happens, fortunately this time it's more intuitive and i figured that i had to hit "W" key in order to move forward, ok, no problem.

I forgot that previously there was another ocasion where the same happened, when you have to use the tractor as covering for the arrows, but, like the previous case, it was intuitive and there was not any trouble.

But now, the most important bug is that when i'm back into the farm and after entering the barn (and talked to everybody and gave Clem her hat) i go to barn's stalls, Lee opens the doors, it switches to first person view and... it reverts back to third person view but there's no interface and i neither can move Lee around. I've seen from youtube walkthrough that in order to get out from stalls you have to hit right mouse button, well i hit it but nothing happens (and it is working correctly as i'm writing this so i'm 100% sure that it is not my mouse problem).

Anyone else is having this gamebreaking bug?

EDIT: BTW i've just realized that this thread don't belong here, i'm sorry for it...

EDIT2: Update: I can't neither get out of the barn!

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