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What is going on with the mac version of episode two ??

posted by WARP10CK on - last edited - Viewed by 110 users

Seriously tried installing it several times connection error and then deleted my telltale version installed steam and tried downloading it there.

Got episode one working fine but as soon as I push play on episode two, the screen goes black and hangs ?????????

For the love of god can you please run tests on the mac version before release please ?

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  • From Mike:

    "Download issues with the Mac version of the Telltale build (the one downloaded from our site)

    We’re aware that a small percentage of Mac users are having an issue with this, and we are in the process of making changes to how these files are delivered that should resolve this issue. However, please make sure that you have a strong connection to the Internet prior to beginning the download. Anything that causes the game to lose focus, including a screen saver, may also cause the download to stop."


    "I definitely apologize for any frustration these issues may have caused, but please know that they are being investigated and worked on. A patch/title update for the game across all platforms is in the works, but I don't currently have an ETA on when it will be released, or any information on what fixes will be included."

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