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The Walking Dead Episode 2 Mid-Game Crashes

posted by ThatGuyYouWannaBe on - last edited - Viewed by 286 users

Ok so i was playing the walking dead episode one went on smoothly didn't find no bugs didn't freeze on me barely any lag only glitch i came across is the statistics glitch where everything was 50% and weird name. Now when i'm playing Episode 2 same thing everything runs smoothly till i reach dinner time right after larry says "oh brenda you are an angel" lily,lee and andy stop walking the screen cuts to black and a windows pops up says TheWalkingDead101.exe has stopped working. i searched through the forums maybe i'm not searching hard enough. is it just me having this problem? i've already tried rebooting my computer and caching the game. I cant seem to figure it out :mad:

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