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Cannot Access Episode 2 Help

posted by thecritta on - last edited - Viewed by 238 users

Hi there i have already played the first episode of the walking dead
but i cannot play episode two, all i get is saved games from episode
one which take me to the end at the hotel, and even when i get to
the end of episode one at the hotel it does not continue on to episode
two it just ends with the credits, and if i got into the episode status
it says that episode two is installed, but no where can i find the option
to play episode two, i am doing something wrong here? What is going on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated cheers thecritta.


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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Hello thecritta,

    I at least hope that you're doing something wrong. When you finish episode one and start the game from that save slot, there should be an arrow button on the upper right that changes the screen from episode 1 (Lee, Carley and Clem in the drugstore) to episode 2 (Lilly shocked in the foreground, Kenny and Lee in the background). From there, you will be able to continue the game.

    Was that it?

  • I can access the 2nd episode (are they all going to take this long to come out?) but it says do you want to generate random answers like I hadn't completed E1 which I did over and over. Rant.

  • Omg. We were having the same issue. Couldn't figure out how to get to episode two after installing!!! After researching online for an hour I found this thread. Maybe they shouldn't make it so obscure...

  • Please help, i'm having the same issue. It's not letting me play episode 2 with my own outcome of episode 1. It's asking to randomly generate choices and when I decline it does nothing!

  • what platform is this?

    i dont have any issues changing from one to the other on the 360. you just use the RB to toggle the episodes.

    no issues of having to generate random responses either.

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