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How Many Seasons Do You Think There Will Be?

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It's a bit early to take an educated guess I suppose, we don't even know how well Season One is going to sell at retail, but I'm interested in what people think. :)

P.S. - Don't vote for how many seasons you want, but how many you think there will be.

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  • That's a tricky one. Not to mention that since you can never exclude there being another season at some point, only those who vote >5 can hope to ever be proven right.:)
    It'll depend on how much Sam & Max people can stomach. Most of us can't wait for Season Two to start, but after that it may start to be a bit too much. And of course Steve has to be up for it as well. My guess is that after Season Three there'll be a break for at least a whole year; and that after that any eventual restart will have a new name and formula.

  • Sad thing I voted 3.
    Usually ends up with games like this. Hope it won't though. But goes something like:
    First season is good, think it'll sell well.
    Second season will be mediocre, will still sell due to goodwill from the previous season getters.
    Third season might be about the same as second season, but people from 2nd season won't be as happy buying it. Not as viable to continue.

    Either that or season one will sell great. Season 2 will be great too and also sell great, then EA games will buy out Telltale games and the Sam & Max license, third season will be horrible crap that isn't anything like what made sam & max good, but with a lot of re-using of the most bothersome stuff. It will be Sam & max, but not as we know it.

    Following up will be a new season every year, though it will definately not be anything like Sam & max, just using the characters.

    It won't be worth the name for any fan anymore. Either that or season 3 will sell so badly because of the crud EA pushed out and they'll cancel it.

  • I voted three seasons as well, but for very different reasons. I'm not sure if the good people at Telltale can keep this hectic pace for much longer without going bonkers.

  • Three seasons for me, I think the firsty was an appetizer, the second will be deeper and give telltale more founds to grow up, the third, I think it can be more delayed, made with a bigger team, and let rise huge episodes each time, with international subtitles, and finished in an incredible firework. Then, I think it would be difficult to do more than 20 episodes without getting boring...

    Once done, Telltale will be that powerful that they can do a Grim Fandango's spinoff, and deliver a free pants to season customers. I want my free pants.

  • Hmm, we seem to be drifting into a pessimistic direction here. Time to add a hopelessly optimistic and impossibly precise scenario:
    After the unprecedented quality of Seasons Two and Three, there is a general outrage when it becomes clear that no Season Four is forthcoming. To make things worse, Emily's obligatory joke about "marketplace realities" does not go down well.
    By 2012, the combined fan wailing becomes so deafening that Telltale announces the four-episode special The New Adventures of Sam & Max, which JoWooD publishes under the alternative title Police Stories for some reason.
    But at that point the best is yet to come. At their 10-year anniversary in 2014, Telltale surprises friend and foe and makes gaming history by unveiling the holy grail in episodic gaming: The Neverending Sam & Max Season: one episode every two months, indefinitely.
    They don't call me The Eternal Optimist for nothing. :D

  • Im guessing four - the second is likely to be better than the first after Telltale learn from the first. Its success will result in a third series which may be just as good as the second. However there is a question in the air of whether people still want more Sam & Max - they'll do a fourth series which will be fantastic. And then announce some other project stating that Sam & Max will be back in the future thus keeping the doors open for a series 5.

    That is actually good because sometimes people need a break. After series 4 and a gap, people may start thinking 'God I'd love for those two to be back on our screens'. And then they will be :) But 4 seasons is a LOT of Sam & Max - probably around 100 hours of gaming between it all. Wow :)

  • Since they are planning season two already I'll vote.....2. lol

    If there are more then great... but I beleive in less is more.

    Maybe after that we'll see a full length game or something. I'd rather not have Sam and Max a household name (not that it would ever get to that right? lol)

  • I voted with optimism, but it will depend how much things are mixed up for each season. The jokes around the starting area (cash to bosco, jobs for sybil) were already feeling a bit stretched toward the end of season 1.

  • After a long dry spell following Season 3, Telltale will begin work on Season 4 and inexplicably cancel it just before Episode 1 comes out. Once the licence expires, a select group of disgruntled developers will branch off and create their own games company. Thus the circle of life will be complete!

    Sincerely, I don't know what to predict. It's great that Telltale have this means of listening to customer feedback, but it always worries me a little that they'll start to listen to us too much and go down a route determined by the ravenous public and not trained professionals. I think either way I'd guess three seasons - if what I said doesn't happen and all three are great, that'll be a good time to quit and leave a warm feeling in everyone's hearts. If not, it'll take people who loved Season 1 a couple of seasons before they lose faith.

  • Which ever amount of seasons is just fine with me. I've realy enjoyed Season 1 and I greatly look forward to whichever season will follow. But I've been able to survive 13 or so years without a new Sam & Max game and can do so again.
    Having said this, I'm crossing my fingers, toes and some other things that more seasons will follow and that the people of telltale games can keep up the quality they have managed to achieve this season.

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