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Walking Dead Technical Issues

posted by Driver Sim on - last edited - Viewed by 224 users

So, I played through the entirety of Ep. 1 online, but played through Ep. 2 completely offline. After Ep. 2 it gives me the stats screen, but with everything borked and me and 50% of other players apparently chose Episode2DecisionX with Episode2Decision1 or Episode2Decision2 depending on what I chose. When I try to play Ep. 2 online, it continues at the very last scene before the episode ends and then gives me the same borked stats screen at the end. I'm not given the option to view stats or rewind on the episode menu like Ep. 1 shows. When I try to rewind to the last chapter of Ep. 1 to to just finish it and then move to Ep. 2 afterwards, it just goes to a black screen with my cursor as the only visible thing on the screen. I don't know if this has already been answered somewhere, but any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • I got that too. Afterwards I couldn't play the Ep anymore said 'Coming Soon'...

    I know this game has technical issues, but I'm getting right fed up now with having to keep deleting my saves and starting over. Already I've had blank screens, saves not carrying over, crashes, save wipes, episodes not starting. I thought JPTG, when it came to technical finesse, was bad enough but this is truly taking the pee-eye-double-ess. Did apes playtest this thing? Or was it just played out in front of a cardboard cut-out crowd?

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