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"Activated on too many computers"

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High telltale games. I read a review in a magazine and decieded to try Sam and Max episode 1 : Culture Shock.

I am using Vista 32 bit on a laptop

Every time I load Sam and Max it says something about my key not being stored anymore/not being valid and gives me the options of reentering it, saying no or pushing cancel. Either way I am going to be stuck with the demo version before I reactivate it. I bought this game to play around with on a trip to europe so naturally I am only using this on one laptop. I figured ok fine, they suck at making activation systems and just saved my order number and password and kept re entering it for a long time. Always on the same computer and account and it always worked until I quit the program, then I had to reenter it again. Now your program says:
"This key has already been activated on the maximum number of computers. If you believe this is mistaken, please contact customer service via email at and reference code ARM1022."

I must say this: YOU SUCK. You have demonstrated how you don't know how to code an activation system/game many times to me. You better have a way to fix this. You have had months but are still just as incompetent as before.

Provide me with a new key or something.

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  • Hi Brian,

    Vista is the problem. Culture Shock loses its activation every time you reboot under Vista, and after a while you run out of keys. We have a version that does work under Vista that I can provide you with when I'm back in the office on Monday.

    In the meantime, I tried to look up your order so I could give you additional activations, but I couldn't find it by searching for the email address that's attached to your forum account. If you want to send me a PM with the order number or the email address on the order, I'll do that for you so you can keep playing this weekend.

  • I too am running on Vista, and I can only assume I'll run into this problem eventually. I have, however, ordered the Season 1 Bonus Disc so I can have a hard copy of the game. Can I assume that this disc will either A) Not need to be activated or B) Not have problems activating on Vista?

  • Yup, both. :D The DVD uses SecuROM for protection, which requires that your disc is in the drive while you play, but that's it. Also the Vista problem with Culture Shock doesn't exist on the DVD version.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    The disc uses totally different copy protection which does nothing but check to see if you've got the disc in the drive. If you've got that taken care of, you should be good to go forever.

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