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If you made exactly these choices, could you send me your save? (PC)

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I played the first two episodes of Walking Dead on 360, but I ended up buying the rest of the season on PC. I'd really like to have my decisions carry forward, but there's no way to move from one platform to the other. Fortunately, if someone out there (and I'm sure there's someone) made the exact same decisions as me, I could just use their save as a starting point when episode 3 comes out.

So, if you made these decisions, could you send me your save file? I'd be eternally grateful.


Episode 1:
Lie to Hershel? I was honest
Duck or Shawn? I chose Shawn
Side with Kenny? I sided with Kenny
Give Irene the gun? I gave her the gun
Doug or Carley? I chose Carley

Episode 2:
Chopped David's leg off? I chopped it off
Shot Jolene? I had Danny shoot her
Helped kill Larry? I didn't help
Killed both of the St. John brothers? I didn't kill both
Stole food from the car? I stole food

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  • While those are the decisions highlighted at the end of the episodes, they are not the only decisions that you made, so even if someone matched those decisions, they may have made different decisions in other matters. If you want a perfect replica of your experience, you are likely better off replaying the episodes. It is faster the second time because you know what to do now.

  • I understand that there are going to be little bits that might not carry over, but having the major decisions be the same would get me 90% of the way there.

    Though, do we know for sure that stuff other than the major decisions carry over? The game does a great job at making you feel like every little decision matters, but I wonder what actually gets imported by each episode. It might just import the major decisions and then do a really good job at making the smaller decisions feel like they carried weight when really it was just constrained to a single episode.

    Regardless, I'm not sure I'll be able to find time to replay. Finding time to play through them the first time was hard enough. If someone had a save, I'd use it.

  • Those will get you into the right area of what you want, but it's more than the important decisions. You can starve Ducky, and still earn the invite, if you got enough reputation points with Kenny from smaller conversations.

    Well the next episode isn't going to remember who you fed, those who survived will remember liking you more or less for your decisions.

  • Just thought I'd try to give this one last bump before episode 3 comes out. Any chance someone can help me?

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