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Three months of fun?

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Was three moths too long a gap between episodes, this thred contains spoilers?

I’m asking because of how characters bring up three month old disputes and disagreements as if it happened yesterday, for example yes I left Duck on the tractor and sided with Larry in the drug store but by episode 2 I’ve helped protect the group including Duck for three months without incident.

We know they left the motel at some point to visit the military base where they found Mark so did they have any other adventures?

We also know Lilly and Kenny have been arguing for a long time before episode 2 so could they really do that none stop for three months.

I think they should have only used 2 -3 weeks max as grudges boil and people begin to implode as this would be when loyalties are really tested.

Also what will be the time gap between episode 2 – 3?

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