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How to restart episode

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I am a little way into episode 2 but clicked a response I didn't mean to - gave rations to someone I didn't want. However the game has autosaved in the next scene and I can't see a way to restart the episode. I have tried 'rewind' on episode 1, playing the last scene of that episode, in the hope that it will reset episode 2 - but ep 2 still starts off at the autosave.

Is there any way to restart episode 2 with my ep 1 save?


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  • ok this is what you do when the the saint john brothers apear go to the farm and then quit then go back to the meniu screen click rewind at that will start you at the motor inn choose chapter 2 hope it helped

  • I can only see 'rewind' on episode 1, not episode 2... though having said that, if I quit the game to go to the main menu, the game doesn't think episode 2 is installed and I have to click 'get' then nothing happens - I have to restart the game for it to recognise that I have episode 2 installed. BUt there's no rewind option on ep 2, just 'continue'.

  • doesnt the revind button show both episode progrres and you can choose if it doesnt help do the same thing if done make serious proggres until middle is done but thinking about it its the walking dead these are the choises somoense gonna dye even if you try i acceptd the choises i made

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