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The Curse of Monkey Island Style

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so well, ive been out of graphic adventures since looooooong time ago, when i was a kid, and Monkey's and Indi's were part of my education.

I recently bought Monkey 1&2 with old/remake version swap mode.

I gotta say, i got disappointed by the remake... The new drawings / animations are pretty plain and unskilled.

I expected something like converting Monkey 1&2 in something like Monkey 3 style. THAT was a great improve imo, even if i am a pixel lover of the 1&2, every single map/cinematik/sountrack on the curse of monkey island was pure art.

I dont expect LucasArts or TellTaleGames to do so, but maybe there is any other game with similar artstyle, or made by the same artists?

And the other question is, Monkey Island will never move back to 2D anymore?

Thx for sharing thoughts and answers!

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